The Blue Bottle Coffeehouse is what started it all!  Originally operating as a coffeehouse for 15 years, our strong commitment to organics, local sourcing, healthy eating and drinking, and Italian-style coffee drinks evolved.

The Blue Bottle helped to create a community in Fremont of health, family, and tradition. This shows itself in the treats, drinks, and meals we offer. The Yoga classes are a further extension of it all.

Our baked goods are created from scratch, are low in sugar and gluten, and are organic.  The coffee beans we use (and that are available for purchase), are roasted in Lincoln, Nebraska, at The Mill in the Haymarket.  The tea is freshly brewed or steeped from tea leaves that we have spent years finding or just were guided to (Artemis Teas) in order to create just the right cup.  Join us in taking some balance with you in a cup!

Easy Family Meals are currently offered by special request.. We provide a variety of comfort food, soups, low carb dishes, vegan, vegetarian, and organic entrees. Please contact us through our FB page to inquire about price, availability, and delivery.

We have a standard menu of sides that are always available for order. Please allow 48 hours for pick-up.

*Organic Dark Chocolate Chip Beet Muffins (lg)
3/$9.00, 6/$16.50, 9/$24.75, 12/$30.00
Low sugar with honey as the sweetener, these Organic beet muffins are loaded with nutrition, fiber, dark chocolate and satiation.

*Organic Apricot Coconut Chia Pudding (8oz)
3/$12.00, 6/$24.00, 9/$36.00, 12/$45.60
Organic coconut milk, chia seeds, and tangy apricot preserves. This treat is rich, creamy, full of protein and healthy fats.

*Elderberry Immunity Syrup (15oz)
1 jar $15.00
Slow brewed elderberries, immune enhancing spices, and local raw honey.


Meals, Drinks, & Treats

are available
before and after class or by special order.

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.
— Proverbs 16:24