The Blue Yoga Studio is Fremont's first & finest yoga experience.

But don't just take it from us...

I feel like I sped through the first two-thirds of my life. Yoga has helped me to see the value in slowing down, reflecting, and ultimately, being more mindful of who and what I am. Yoga brings awareness of my body and what’s going on inside, as well as quieting my mind. It increases my flexibility and fluidity of movement. I feel like I’m respecting myself when I’m at Blue Yoga. I’ve found it to be a wonderful, relaxing place where I feel very much at home.
— Karen L.
I was one of the first students at The Blue Yoga Studio. I first came to the studio because I had to quit playing softball when it became too painful to throw, as well as other health problems. After about 6mo of yoga I regained full flexibility in my shoulders as well as the rest of my body. I have stayed with Blue Yoga because of the continued health benefits that I have enjoyed as well as the educational seminars offered. Yoga, meditation and healthy nutrition are now a big part of my everyday life thanks to Ginger and the other great teachers at Blue Yoga.
— Jim Kuddes
I have gained a lot from my practice at The Blue Yoga Studio. I was interested for developing flexibility, but also feel much better in my balance and strength. I feel recharged when I leave a class!”
— Donna Anderson